Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special Meeting This Week!

Hello, hello everyone!

"Talk of the Hill" is a brand new, web-based, daytime, talk show at Kenyon College!

The show premiered in late August with appearances by President Nugent and Dean Delahunty.

Since then, I have been working on developing the rest of this year's tapings. But, I can't do it alone!

If you would like to hear more about "Talk of the Hill" or are potentially interested in being part of either the "Creative" or "Technical" Production Teams, there will be TWO separate meetings next week.

Tuesday (9/15): Lower Dempsey, 6pm (more exact location TBD)

Thursday (9/17): Lower Dempsey, 6pm (more exact location TBD)

If neither of the dates and time given are convenient, but you are still interested in hearing more about the show, just respond, letting me know, and I can send you more information.

In the meantime, please visit the show at the following links:

Facebook Page:

Twitter Page:

Youtube Page:

Show Blog:

Thank you for all of the continued interest and support!


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