Friday, August 28, 2009

A Title Card and Theme Song are Needed!

Calling all interested & willing Kenyon students!

“Talk of the Hill,” a brand new daytime talk show at Kenyon, is looking for production assistance. Below are the open positions and their responsibilities.

Audio Technician: In charge of music, microphones, and general audio clarity.

Director of Advertising & Graphics: In charge of campus-wide advertising and design/graphics for the set.

Director of Audience & Guest Services: In charge of show tickets, audience seating/ participation, guest/audience arrival & departure times

Camera Director (1-3): In charge of filming the show.  2 assistant directors needed as well.

Editor: In charge of editing the show for the Youtube channel.

Production Manager: In charge of overseeing all behind-the-scenes production operations.

Lighting Technician: In charge of setting up and maintaining all show lighting.

Please respond to this message if interested! Interviews are this week! Thanks!

P.S- If you are a music or art student, TOTH is looking for students to create a title card or theme song for the show. The winning design and themesong will be used on the show!


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